Astral Dreamer Hyper Experience - One Night From Eternity 2013!
by Dimitri Schkoda 

A free 3 CD Set for download with all required images for covers etc.

All tracks exclusively made with HGF Astral Dreamer VSTi plugin Synthesizer.
No external FX, nor sequencer, no other synth, no loop nothing else.
Only the incredible Astral Dreamer and its Magical Morphism used in realtime.

All tracks are exclusive "oneshots" (no past, no future). They are only fruits of the present because they reveal what's inside our heart deep inside the "moment". Each sound has it's own story!

You may play the tracks in your favourite mp3 player via this m3u playlist or download all files.

Patches were kindly created by:

Dimitri Schkoda (DS) – n.a.
Kujashi (KJ) – n.a.
Junebug (JB) -
Robert ODonnell (BM) - on Reverbnation
Dave Smith (DAS) - on Soundcloud
MetaDronos (MD) - on Soundcloud
Diego Callegari (DC) -
Simon Robinson (SR) – n.a.
Geir Opdal (GO) -
PlasmaForce (PF) - on facebook